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Evolution Hot Sauce | Da Bomb

Companies that have undergone digital transformation are better prepared to meet customer expectations. Automatic data analysis contributes to faster response in crisis situations. Moreover, thanks to such reports, the company can constantly optimize its activities to adapt products or services to a specific customer. Speed, flexibility, automation – they give the company a chance to stand out from the competition. What tools are worth remembering? At the computerization stage, appropriate systems are useful, thanks to which the company can operate efficiently, using the maximum of its capabilities.

One of our clients, the Alcomex construction Da Bomb Hot Sauce company, after implementing a custom-made online system for managing the entire company (the so-called ERP system), which streamlined and organized all internal processes, realized that one of its projects at that time was unfavorable for companies. In addition, all the most important information needed to manage a business is in one place, including: finances, statistics, projects. Monitoring these indicators on an ongoing basis allows for immediate response in a crisis situation and the use of appropriate remedial measures.


Scope of Alcomex ERP functions Another system necessary when working with clients is CRM, which allows you to manage client-related information. It allows you to get to know the customer better and observe his behavior, thanks to which he has a real impact on the optimization of the product or service we present. More information about ERP and CRM systems and the benefits of having them can be found in our article about dedicated solutions for companies. It is important that the transformation is carried out by a technologically advanced company that well understands the customer's needs.
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